CDM: Master of Digital Media — Term Two Review

I am a UX Designer and Researcher completing a graduate degree at the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver, BC.

The big ol’ Sandcrawler in Spring! Haven’t been there in a while so unsure if this is true to life…

Digital Persuasion & Behaviour Change: DMED540 [3 Credits]

Course Overview
Have you ever felt frustrated that you can’t justify design decisions with something other than “it looks good” or “it’s on-brand”?
This is the course for you.

Clearly not cut out for the comic strip design— flow ain’t that intuitive…
I vibe with Larry.
Pls excuse the monotonous tone and the “uuuuuhms”… I had COVID and some serious brain fog.
Our final persuasions party!

Projects 2: DMED521 [12..yes 12.. Credits]

Course Overview
Due to the nature of the project (…NDA), I am unable to delve deeply into the project details. I can, however, say that my client, the Vancouver Art Gallery, my team, and supervisor (Jason “why guy” Elliott), were amazing to collaborate with.

Our final meeting with our client ._. where we gave them an exclusive viewing of our video <:)

Pitch Project

The CDM is known for being pretty dang flexible. It offers two tracks for students:

  1. Form a team and develop an idea for a startup
Couch potato GIFs by Neel ❤

Graduate student at the Centre for Digital Media specializing in UX/UI Design and Research ~