CDM: Master of Digital Media — Term One Review

I am a UX Designer and Researcher completing a graduate degree at the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver, BC.

Interpretation of the CDM (a.k.a. Sandcrawler) in the dark days of winter..

Foundations of Digital Media: DMED500 [3 Credits]

Course Overview
DMED500 provided a succinct overview of digital media legal frameworks, covering many topics from digital activism to copyright and I.P. law. The course was condensed to around 9 weeks so that we could spend the rest of term focusing on our other projects.

My response piece for DMED500. Tools I used: Procreate and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Foundations of Game Design: DMED503 [3 Credits]

Course Overview
If you are like me and you have dabbled in playing games but never considered yourself a ‘gamer’, or you live and breathe games, this course is for you. Throughout the term, you play games, evaluate games, make games, and learn industry-standard game concepts… Games, games, GAMES.

This video was created by my teammate, Bob Kreut.

Improvising Story & Character: DMED502 [3 Credits]

Course Overview
I don’t really know how to best describe this course aside from: “no words”. It was a rollercoaster of introspection, improvisation, and ‘illiteration’(…?) We learned how to embrace Agile, effectively ideate and collaborate, handle different client scenarios, and how to really use Zoom.

If you would like a copy of this for your wall, hmu.

Projects 1: DMED520 [6 Credits]

Course Overview
Projects 1 was the most demanding of the four compulsory courses in term one. The first two weeks entailed a sprint, a.k.a. “the Design Jam”. We each selected teammates and a design problem that we had to produce a solution for, all the while working in Agile.

Designed by my teammate Joyce Xiao for our Master Documentation.
Final Digitales promo video. Tools Video Team Used: Figma, Adobe Premiere Pro
My cohort and I being shaped for the digital industry…

Graduate student at the Centre for Digital Media specializing in UX/UI Design and Research ~